epps corp
an integrated architectural design, construction coordination and facilities management services company... ...since 1985
About Us
Thanks to our Clients, we have been given many opportunities to test our skills and have gained in knowledge and experience.
Our emphasis is the importance of a strategic facility plan, and the significance of fallbacks and contingencies in mitigating the risks of failed outcomes.
Our Clients include; High-tech, Medical Services and Finance Corporations, Institutional and Service Organizations, Associations, Government, Manufacturing and Industry.
Initiatives such as; relocation, expansion, modernization, consolidation, space optimization, efficiency and capacity planning, present challenging opportunities to establish the most practical strategy for change. 
With the benefit of experience, we have learned to develop flexible solutions that enable our Clients to remain agile and ready to adapt to unexpected changes in circumstances.
  • Strategic Planning, Process Planning and Organizational Restructuring
  • Building Condition Assessment and Life Cycle Planning.
  • Functional Programming and Space Requirements Development
  • Lease Review and Consultation
  • Building Area Measurement and Certification
  • Diagnostic Analysis, Conceptual Planning and Cost Justification
  • Space Planning and Budget Development
  • Furniture and Equipment Specification and Procurement Management
  • Logistics and Project Management
  • Architectural Interior Design and Regulatory Code Compliance
  • Fire Safety Planning and Ontario Fire Code Compliance
  • Custom Cabinetry and Furnishings Design
  • Acoustical, Mechanical and Electrical, and Structural Engineering Coordination
  • Tendering, Contract and Project Management
  • Resource Management and Control


Epps Corp is qualified to engage in the business of providing design activities to the public and registered under the requirements of Article (refer to Div. C 2012 OBC) of the Ontario Building Code.  Proof of Examination and Insurance is required in order to be certified.
Epps Corp is an active member of the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario.  The AATO is a government of Ontario legislated, self-governing body that regulates professional conduct through the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario Act, incorporated in 1969.
Epps Corp staff are cleared to various security levels by the Industrial Security Operations Division of the Canadian & International Industrial Security Directorate, including security clearance for access to Canadian Nuclear facilities, Defence Canada and numerous National Government owned facilities.