epps corp
an integrated architectural design, construction coordination and facilities management services company... ...since 1985
  1. Strategic Planning
    Connecting an organization's operational objectives with a sequenced master plan of facility accommodation, transformation, and maintenance.
  2. Design
    Provision of architectural interior design and coordination of engineering and specialized disciplines.
  3. Project Management
    Delivering the design by managing the contract between owner and contractor.
Our modus operandi...
The challenges of property management never cease, and the life of a building cannot survive without periodic intervention.

Ensuring the physical facility satisfies changes in demand, and the ongoing responsibility of maintenance, and  modernization improvements, is a critical function of meeting an organization's operational objectives.

For over 3 decades, Eppscorp has assisted Business, Institutional, Health Care, Hospitality and Manufacturing organizations with the complex challenges of facilities design, construction and facilities management.

Well planned Facility Improvement Strategies establish the framework for fundamental changes such as; expansion due to positive growth, consolidation to achieve desired performance improvements, restructuring for efficiency, and pro-active maintenance.

Experience has taught us that even the best intentions do not always come to fruition, thus fallbacks and contingency plans are an essential characteristic of any worthy strategy.  While our emphasis is on the positive, we will not fail to remind our Clients of the risks and the ways to mitigate them.

Ultimately, our aim is to provide competent guidance, so that our Client's premises are in the best possible condition, and yet remain agile and ready to adapt, to the constant changes in an uncertain future.


Telesat Canada

Over the past several years, Alan Epps and his team have provided Telesat with logistics and project management, space and facility planning and design services to help us consolidate and optimize our HDQ building space.  Alan has provided us with a step by step approach, helped us choose the right contractors and suppliers, with his guidance, has helped us keep the project on track.  He has clearly demonstrated a skillful ability to get the job done on time, within budget and with enthusiam and professionalism.
Rick Larabie, Property Management Officer
Canadian Blood Services
The Royal Canadian Mint
"CBS's long term and ongoing relationship with Epps is based on the quality of service we receive and the responsiveness and partnering approach that is invariably provided by all of Epps' staff."
Mike Coney, Director Facilities Engineering & Project Management
"He is supported with a team of highly skilled, very professional and committed individuals who bring added values to Epps Corp's proposition."
Pierre Beaudoin, Eng, MBA, Senior Facilities manager